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A-M Systems

Model 1700

4-Channel Differential AC Amplifier (A-M Systems)

Model 3000

AC/DC differential amplifier (A-M Systems)

Model 1800

High Gain Differential Microelectrode AC Amplifier (A-M ...

Model 3600

16 Channel microelectrode differential AC amplifier (A-M ...

Ag/AgCl Electrodes

Silver Chloride Wires, Pellets, and Disks (AM-Systems)

Epoxy-insulated Electrodes

Stainless Steel or Tungsten (A-M Systems)

Model 2100

Isolated Stimulator (A-M Systems)

Model 3800

8-Channel Programmable Stimulator (A-M Systems)

Model 2200

Analog Stimulus Isolator (A-M Systems)

Model 2300

Digital Stimulus Isolator (A-M Systems)

Model 4100

Isolated High Power Stimulator (A-M Systems)

Model 3500

16-Channel Extracellular Differential Amplifier (A-M ...

Model 4000 MultiRecord

High Density Recording Package (A-M Systems)

Model 3300

Audio Monitor (A-M Systems)

Model 2700

Glass Electrode R/C Meter (A-M Systems)

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