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Model 1700

4-Channel Differential AC Amplifier (A-M Systems)
A-M Systems Model 1700  4-Channel Differential AC Amplifier

The Differential AC Amplifier (Model 1700) is intended for research or teaching applications requiring extracellular neurophysiological recording from excitable tissue, such as nerve, muscle (EMG), EEG, EKG, and ERG. The instrument is not intended for clinical measurements using humans.

The Model 1700 contains four independent amplifiers in a single enclosure so that several channels can be recorded simultaneously. Combining four amplifiers in a single instrument reduces the construction cost of the instrument and these savings are passed on to you.

Each amplifier contains a high-gain, low-noise differential stage followed by low-frequency, high-frequency, and notch filters. A connection is also provided for a stimulator input so that recording or stimulating through the same electrode is possible. The Model 1700 comes complete with four extracellular amplifiers, power supply, connecting cables, plugs, rack mount hardware, and a manual. Order Cat. No. 7015 to connect Model 1700 Amplifier to Model 2100 Stimulator.



Physical Dimensions: 43.2 cm × 12.1 cm × 28.6 cm


AC Power This is the standard power source. Either 110 V/AC or 220 V/AC may be used. This is set at the factory and must be indicated at the time the order is placed.
Each Differential AC Amplifier is delivered complete with: Four 3' Cables, Rack Mount Hardware, Instruction & Maintenance Manual

Accessories Available Separately:

# 6920 Extra 3' Cable-5-pin Connector on one end
# 7015 3' Cable-5-pin Connector to Dual-Banana Plug
# 6902 Extra Manual