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4 channel electrode adaptor box (CED)
Four channel electrode adaptor box

The 1902-11 electrode adaptor boxes are designed for the isolated pre-amplifier CED 1902 to receive 1.5 mm electrode plugs in safety (touch proof) sockets and to connect them by a 1.2 m screened cable to the standard 1902 isolated input connector. Sockets for connecting 2 mm electrode plugs can be made available on request.

Versions for 2, 8, or 16 channels are also available.

Where multiple channels share a common reference line, channel 0 of the 1902s should have an input buffer to reduce the common electrode capacitance loading.

The 1902-11-4 may be ordered with a switch, to select for all four channels, whether the signal is to be treated as bipolar, or for all four channels to have a common negative electrode.


Note: Delivery time may exceed to 6 to 8 weeks if product not available in stock Hofheim.



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