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0.5 ml (Minitube)
Minitüb  EcoPaillette 0,5 ml


For over 25 years, the Minitube 0.25 ml and 0.5 ml semen straws have been used worldwide as a standard for the freezing of semen from bulls, stallions, boars, and many other species. Minitube’s quality control process, production techniques, and material selection ensure for a reliable product that consistently exceeds industry standards.

EcoStraws are used in exactly the same way as standard semen straws:

EcoStraws feature a plug with a shorter inner wick section that absorbs 3 - 4 % fewer sperm cells than the corresponding symmetrical plugs of standard semen straws. They are ideal for overnight equilibration of semen at refrigerated temperatures.

EcoStraw Benefits


2500/ bag


Available in a variety of colors:

transparent 13407/4010
red - transparent 13407/4044
orange - transparent 13407/4144
pistachio green transparent 13407/4204



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